Installing An Independent Electric Line For Your New UHD TV


Your new Ultra High Definition TV needs its own dedicated electric circuit. You cannot expect it to share a line with HD (HIgh Definition) or (gasp) SD (Standard Definition) components. Adding a dedicated line will ensure that you are not overloading the existing line that is powering your decidedly lower tech TV and entertainment system. You can even add a surge protected outlet to allow your UHD TV to remain free of the communal power strip that supplies power to your current system.

28 May 2016

Three Household Electrical Problems That Call for Professional Help


Electrical jobs around your home are among the general household projects that are typically best left for a professional. The concern with working on wall outlets, wall switches, lights and more is that without the proper expertise, there's a risk you'll do the job incorrectly. The problem with an improperly executed job isn't merely that the power might not flow; there's also a chance of a family member getting electrocuted or the issue starting a fire.

22 February 2016

How To Replace Your T12 Fluorescent Light With A T8 Model


When your supply of T12 bulbs for your fluorescent light runs out, you should consider switching to a shop light that uses T8 bulbs. Although they are smaller in diameter, they use less energy and last longer than T12 bulbs, which offsets their slightly higher price.  Can't you just change the ballasts in your current light fixture? While changing the ballasts would appear to be a cheaper and easier solution, it's less expensive to buy a new T8 light fixture than purchasing the new ballasts for your old fixture.

12 January 2016

Two Tips To Avoid Holiday Electrical Fires


The holiday season should be a joyous and happy time for you and your family, but there are many electrical threats that come with this time of year. Sadly, there are many homeowners that overlook some of the more simple steps that they can take to keep their homes safe from these risks. In particular, the following holiday electrical safety tips can help keep your home from suffering a fire.

22 November 2015

Before You Set Up Shop: Taking Your Warehouse Lighting Scheme Into Consideration


One of the more important aspects of any warehouse is the lighting scheme. Warehouses present a unique challenges when it comes to getting the lighting just right. Before you set up shop, you will have to put a lot of consideration into just how you want light to play a role in your new warehouse. Horizontal and Vertical Lighting Considerations One of the main challenges of warehouse lighting is illuminating downward from the top.

9 November 2015

4 Electrical Upgrades To Consider For Your Home


You rely on your home's electrical system daily to provide you with light, power your devices, and perhaps even prepare your food. However, if your home is more than a few years old, its electrical components could already be outdated. As such, you might want to consider making some basic electrical upgrades that could not only add value to your home, but ensure better electrical operation and make your home safer in the process.

21 October 2015

Four Gadgets Besides Your Computer That Need Surge Protection


A few short decades ago, houses were relatively simple, and most homeowners could get away without owning a surge protector. Nowadays, however, you might be surprised to learn how much of your home runs off of computer circuitry, and how much damage a single jolt of electricity can really do. Rather than buy and plug in a surge protector for every outlet in your home, it may be wiser to instead invest in whole-house surge protection.

19 October 2015