Lighting Tips For A Home Library


If you want your home library to be useful, then you have to light it properly. These tips should help you do just that:

Aim for Warm and Welcoming Lights

School libraries tend to be cold and lonely places, but that is not the kind of aura you want to create for your home library, is it? Your home library should be a warm and welcoming place or room; somewhere you can even come to relax even if you don't want to read.

Now, there are various ways of making a place warm and welcoming, including the use of decoration and natural light, but your light fixtures will also play a role in creating the right mood. For example, you should use warm-toned bulbs for their yellow light that will not irritate the eyes.

Install Three Main Layers of Lights

You will need three main layers of lighting for your home library, and they include:

Ambient Lighting

Ambient light, which also known as general lighting, is the one meant for filling the majority of the library area with light. Ambient lighting enables you to navigate the library area with ease and without injuring yourself. Ambient lighting is best installed in the ceiling to allow it illuminate as much area of the library as possible.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is used to highlight specific areas or objects. This is what you use if you want to illuminate your rare book collection, show off your works of art, or ensure the different library labels are readable. You can also play around with accent lighting as a decorative feature.

Task Lighting

Lastly, you also need task lighting, which is necessary for helping you accomplish the main library task – reading. This means you will use task lighting to ensure that all the dedicated reading areas in your library are well lit. For example, if you have a reading table or a reading chair, task lighting fixtures should be installed to direct maximum light on them.

Install a Dimmer

It's possible that you will not need all your light fixtures at full brightness each time you are in the library. For example, if you have a skylight or external windows, you may wish to take advantage of natural light during the day. Therefore, you should install a dimmer to allow you to control the brightness of the light fixtures as needed.

This means you should involve a professional electrician when designing a home library. That is the best way to ensure the lighting system will work exactly as you want it to do. For more information, contact your local electrical wiring installation service.


4 May 2018

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