2 Signs You May Have An Electrical Problem With Your Home Generator


Although you have a backup generator at your house, you may have found yourself without power because the generator did not kick on. While the malfunction could have been caused by mechanical issues, the following signs may point to a problem with your generator's electrical system.

Alarms Go Off for No Reason

When your generator is working normally, it will set off alarms to alert you of certain problems. Examples of these alarms include one that lets you know when the coolant level is low, as well as an alarm to alert you of when the fuel tank is almost full so you do not overfill it.

However, if there is an electrical problem caused by a loose wire or a short, these alarms may start going off for no reason. With the low coolant alarm, you may check and find that the level is where it is supposed to be. Or, you may hear the high fuel level alarm sound when you first start filling the tank and know that there is little to no fuel inside.

While these alarms may not be alerting you to their intended purpose, they may be signaling an electrical problem that has caused the entire system to malfunction. Have a qualified technician inspect your generator to determine whether or not this is the case.

Emergency Power Switches Off on Its Own

Another sign that your generator has electrical problems is seen when the emergency power switch on the unit switches itself off. This switch serves as the generator's own breaker that turns the machine off if there is a power surge or short detected inside the system.

Once you discover that your generator is not working during a power outage, check the position of the switch. If the switch is turned off, first check to see if anyone in your household flipped it.

If no one has touched the switch, an electrical issue may have triggered it to turn itself off. To reduce the risk of damaging the generator or being shocked, do not try to turn it back on yourself. Instead, have it inspected first to find out if there is indeed a problem with the electrical system.

If you see one or both of the signs above, the problem with your home's generator is mostly likely caused by an issue with the electrical system. Contact a home generator electrical service like Hans Electrical Inc as soon as possible to schedule a time for them to inspect the unit and discuss your options for getting it up and running so that you are not stuck without a backup during your next power outage.


13 February 2018

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