Troubleshooting Common Electrical Problems With Your Residential Water Well Pump


That well water pump that you have in place to provide your home with the water it needs may run for years without a single problem, but eventually, these pumps can start to wane and have problems as they age. Unfortunately many of the problems that can come about with an aging well water pump will be electrical. However, the good news is this: Most electrical issues with a well water pump are easy to diagnose and easy for an electrician to repair. Here is a look at a few of the most common electrical issues with water pumps and the causes and solutions you should know as a residential well owner. 

Problem: You continuously have problems with tripped circuit breakers and blown fuses.

Cause: Damaged well pump wiring

Solution: You will be amazed what simple loose wiring or damaged wiring can do to your well pump. Without guidance, you could easily start to suspect that a full-on pump replacement will be necessary because damaged wiring can cause everything from blown fuses to bad water pressure and everything in between. Check out the wiring of your pump and look for signs of damage. If you spot problems, go ahead and cut the main power source and then contact an electrician who can help you replace faulty wiring and you may just have a pump that will once again run like new. 

Problem: The pump suddenly stops powering on and seems to be getting no electrical power at all. 

Cause: Tripped breaker, bad fuse, or improper electrical supply

Solution: If your pump has been working just fine and then suddenly just stops as if it is getting no power, first check to make sure there has not been a breaker kick off or a fuse blown, as these will be the most likely culprits for the problem. If you find no issues here, make sure there has been no change in the power being delivered. For example, if you start experiencing the issue after also plugging a separate appliance into the same outlet that powers your well pump, it could mean that there is not enough electrical wattage available to allow the pump to power up and run as normal. 

Problem: The pump only works intermittently and shuts down after a few minutes of use.

Cause: Pump motor overheating due to internal wiring problems

Solution: Older water pumps are notorious for overheating, which will often cause the pump to only work on occasion and only operate for a minute or two before shutting down. The good news is that this problem is usually easily fixed with a qualified electrician because the issue stems from damaged wiring inside the main housing of the motor. However, because this is an internal well pump problem, not all electricians will be qualified to make the repairs. If this is an issue you suspect, you may have to seek out an electrician, like one from Deckman Electric Inc, through a well pump service center.


22 July 2016

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