Three Household Electrical Problems That Call for Professional Help


Electrical jobs around your home are among the general household projects that are typically best left for a professional. The concern with working on wall outlets, wall switches, lights and more is that without the proper expertise, there's a risk you'll do the job incorrectly. The problem with an improperly executed job isn't merely that the power might not flow; there's also a chance of a family member getting electrocuted or the issue starting a fire. When you hire an electrician to visit your home, you can breathe easy knowing that whatever problem you've had will not only be fixed, but also handled safely. Here are three problems that definitely warrant a visit from a professional.

GFCI Won't Reset

In your bathroom, the ground fault circuit interrupter outlets are designed to cut off the current when something plugged into them comes in contact with moisture – this is the way to avoid being electrocuted if you inadvertently drop your hair dryer in the bathtub, for example. Once the current shuts off, you'll need to press the outlet's "Reset" button to restore the current. If the button doesn't work, there's a chance that the outlet is broken. Don't try to handle it on your own – an electrician will be able to replace the outlet and restore the current to keep you and your family safe in the bathroom.

Breakers Trip Frequently

If you're dealing with frequent tripping of the breakers on your circuit panel – or perhaps just one that constantly trips when you're running devices connected to it – it's a sign that the circuit cannot handle a high degree of current. The solution to this problem lies in replacing the breaker, which is something that must always be handled by a professional. Your electrical contractor will perform this upgrade to ensure that you're no longer left without power temporarily due to circuit tripping.

Outdated Outlets

Given that the majority of electrical devices in your home likely have three-prong cords, it's a hassle to live in an older home with outdated, two-hole outlets. Not only will you often have to rig up extension cords to power your devices, but also that two-hole outlets are not grounded. This means that there's a higher electrocution risk. Your local electrician will be able to upgrade the outlets to allow you to power all your devices with ease and also make sure everything is safe for you and your family.


22 February 2016

adding electric lights to your yard

How well is the outside of your home lighted? Do you have several areas around your home that become pitch black after the sun has fallen for the day? If you live in an area that does not get very much sunlight during the day, you probably have the same amount of success as I have had trying to use solar powered lights to light those dark areas. I finally broke down and contacted an electrician to help me run some power to the dark areas and install some much needed lights. He was able to give me a few suggestions that would not only brighten up my dark yard, but also look very nice from the street.