Two Tips To Avoid Holiday Electrical Fires


The holiday season should be a joyous and happy time for you and your family, but there are many electrical threats that come with this time of year. Sadly, there are many homeowners that overlook some of the more simple steps that they can take to keep their homes safe from these risks. In particular, the following holiday electrical safety tips can help keep your home from suffering a fire.

Monitor Your Extension Cords For Overheating

If you are stringing lights up around your home and property, you will likely need to use extension cords. While these can be useful devices, you will need to monitor them. It is an unfortunate fact that these cords can overheat. When this happens, they may eventually ignite if steps are not taken to correct the problem.

Periodically check the extension cord to see if it is warm to the touch. If it is, unplug the cord to allow it to cool off. To reduce the chances that an unmonitored cord will ignite, consider installing automatic timers to turn the lights off after being on for several hours. This simple upgrade can dramatically reduce the stress on your extension cords.

Keep Your Live Tree Watered

Another potential source of holiday fires can come from cut trees. If you fail to keep your Christmas tree watered, it will dry out. When this occurs, a spark or overheating light may be enough to cause the tree to be consumed by flames. In addition to keeping the tree watered, you should also avoid running the Christmas tree lights when you are not there to monitor it. You may enjoy coming home to a beautifully lit Christmas tree, but the hazards that leaving the lights on can bring is not worth the risk. Also, to minimize the damage that a potential tree fire may cause to your home, keep a fire extinguisher that is rated for electrical fires near the tree.

The holiday season can bring a higher risk of fire to your home, and it is important for you to be aware of some of the more commonly overlooked fire hazards. If you understand the value of monitoring your extension cords for signs of overheating as well as caring for your tree, you may be able to help keep your home safe from holiday fire hazards. Talk to your electrician about any other steps you can take to protect your home from fire this season.


22 November 2015

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