Why An Old Electrical Panel Should Be Upgraded In A House


Do you have an old house with an electrical panel that has never been upgraded? You may want to invest in an upgrade because multiple things can happen if you don't, such as your wiring becoming a fire hazard. Find out below about the dangers of living in a home with an old electrical panel, as well as what an upgrade will cost.

What Makes an Old Electrical Panel Dangerous?

When you live in an old house that you are not the original owner of, it is possible that you have an electrical panel that has gone through some damage. For instance, if there was water damage in the home before you moved in, it could have affected the electrical panel. It is possible that the water caused the inside of the panel and the circuit breakers to corrode. Corroded circuit breakers are dangerous because they may not trip when a fire hazard is present.

Another reason for an electrical panel upgrade is to prevent the outlets from becoming overloaded with voltage. When your old electrical panel is not equipped for the modern power demands of your house, plugging in too many electronics can burn out the wires in outlets. The hot wires can also discolor and melt the outlet covers. You don't want to overload outlets because your electronics can suffer damage, such as by getting shorts in the cords or completely burning out.

How Can an Old Electrical Panel Be Upgraded?

One of the main things that should be done to upgrade an old electrical panel is raising the number of amps. Modern power demands are much higher than they were when older homes were built. An electrician can increase your electrical panel to at least 400 amps. The electrician can also replace the circuit breakers in case they are damaged internally.

It may also be a good idea to get an additional panel installed by the other panel. A sub-panel is ideal when you need a few more circuit breakers, such as for any extra outlets that you have had installed.

Is an Electrical Panel Upgrade Expensive?

The price for an electrical panel upgrade depends on how many amps you want. You can expect to spend an estimate of up to $4,000 if you want 400 amps. If you are on a low budget, you can get 200 watts for as little as $1,300 or more. Call an electrician so he or she can get your old electrical panel upgraded to keep your home safe! To learn more about electricity, speak with a business like Safe-Way Electric & Solar Co.


6 July 2015

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