Why Circuit Breakers Trip When Using High Wattage Appliances


Do your circuit breakers trip each time that you use the microwave or other high wattage appliances? The problem may lie with you not having a sufficient amount of wiring to handle the power demands of your house, but it can be solved by getting sub-panel installed. In this article, learn about the cause for circuit breakers to trip when appliances are used and what it costs to get the problem fixed.

Why Do Circuit Breakers Trip When Using High Wattage Appliances?

The level of power demands that the wiring in your home can handle depends on the number of amps in the electrical panel. The amps in the electrical panel determine how much electricity is flowing into your house from the main line that connects to the street pole. If you don't have many circuit breakers, it is possible that you have a low level of amps. The circuit breakers trip when you use high wattage appliances as a way to protect your home.

If the circuit breakers didn't trip, it is possible for the wiring to overheat in the walls where the appliances are connected to an outlet. It is not in your best interests to continue turning tripping circuit breakers back on each time they go off when an appliance is used. You can end up with your home burning down. You must get the problem inspected by an electrician so the right kind of repairs can be made.

What Can an Electrician Do About Tripping Circuit Breakers?

An electrician will test the amount of volts flowing through the wires from the electrical panel. He or she will use a device called a multimeter that can be placed inside an outlet to measure the volts. It is possible that there is faulty wiring in your home in the outlets that is causing the circuit breakers to trip. Faulty wiring in an outlet will usually leave the outlet cover discolored and melted, which will be observed by the electrician.

If the only problem found is that your electrical panel needs an upgrade, the electrician can install a subpanel for you. The subpanel will simply give you more amps and circuit breakers. You can expect to pay up to $1,000 for a new subpanel to be installed. Don't allow a low number of amps in the electrical panel to put your home at risk for a fire. Call an electrician at Action Electric to visit your home and find out why the circuit breakers are tripping so repairs can be made as soon as possible!


26 June 2015

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