Preparing For Sound Dominance With Electrical Support


Whether you're setting up a new dance club or preparing a powerful home audio system, you'll need an electrical system that can handle the heavy electrical demands and massive sound production from high quality systems. Before trying to hook everything up to existing, possibly weak or deteriorating sound systems, consider a few ways that an electrician like Attaboy Electric Service LLC can help you make things safer while making placement a lot easier.

Electrical Placement For Better Audio Placement

You can't just put speakers or any other sound devices in any random place and expect a superior result. The walls, ceilings, furniture, fixtures and even people that enter a big sound event may have a big impact on the way sound travels.

Echoes that throw sound out of sync, too much bass that rattles with poor quality sound, or not enough sound because of audio absorption may ruin your event, just because the devices are in the wrong place. Unfortunately, if you only have electrical connections in specific areas, you may not have much choice outside of dealing with it.

An electrical contractor can do more than add a few more wall or floor sockets. If you need to mount devices on the walls or from the ceilings for the best audio coverage, using rail systems and hanging electrical drops can allow a lot more planning for sound placement.

Make sure to perform your audio planning along with your electrical planning. Doing either too far ahead of the other may result in dead ends due to physical limitations, whereas planning at the same time can deliver results that are better than what you see in the planning.

Split Electrical Circuits To Avoid Blowout

Many sound systems have a huge audio power demand, including dozens of 600-1000 watt speakers. Add in light shows, security systems, refreshment services and other basic audio support and you may cause a blackout if you don't plan properly.

Home audio systems aren't safe from the problem of too much power, either. Even though four or five high-wattage speakers doesn't sound like much, if the wiring in your building is becoming frayed or already tasked by existing electronic devices, you may have a blackout on your hands the next time you turn everything on at once.

An electrician can both replace old wiring and create a system that supports multiple devices with safety in mind. Instead of having all devices demanding electricity through one set of wires, the electrical circuit can be divided into multiple paths exclusive to specific rooms, walls or any type of division you want.

The wiring won't be burdened as heavily, since the burden is divided among more wires. If you need to get ready for a big event or an awesome night at home, contact an electrical contractor.


21 April 2015

adding electric lights to your yard

How well is the outside of your home lighted? Do you have several areas around your home that become pitch black after the sun has fallen for the day? If you live in an area that does not get very much sunlight during the day, you probably have the same amount of success as I have had trying to use solar powered lights to light those dark areas. I finally broke down and contacted an electrician to help me run some power to the dark areas and install some much needed lights. He was able to give me a few suggestions that would not only brighten up my dark yard, but also look very nice from the street.