3 Remodeling Tips To Add Value To Your Bathroom


Are you going to remodel your bathroom in advance of selling your home? Do you hope that the remodel will boost your home's value? Some new paint and finishes may give your bathroom a fresh look. However, if you really want to see an increase in value, you may need to add a few more luxurious touches to your remodel plans.

Consider improvements that will not only change the bathroom's appearance, but also make it more comfortable and functional. Try implementing the following three tips. They could make your bathroom more luxurious and valuable in the eyes of potential buyers:

Install a sitting area. Luxurious bathrooms have a plenty of room to take care of all of one's beauty and hygiene needs. A buyer who is looking to spend top dollar on a home doesn't want to feel cramped in the bathroom. You can give them that space by carving out a small sitting area in front of the mirror. That will give your buyer space to sit comfortably while putting on makeup, doing one's nails, or anything else that may be part of their morning routine.

The sitting area doesn't have to be big. Just design a small space into your counter top to accommodate a chair. To give it an enhanced appearance, look at antique shops for a classic, luxurious chair that fits with your bathroom's style.

Put in a frameless shower. You may be working with a bathroom in which space is at a premium. Buyers will often accept a smaller bathroom as long as it doesn't feel small. One way to increase the perception of size is to install a frameless shower. As its name suggests, a frameless shower doesn't have a frame, but rather simply has clear glass walls. The walls are attached to the bathroom walls. The glass helps incorporate the shower into the rest of the bathroom, making the entire room look larger. As an added benefit, the shower will have lots of natural light, which will also make is seem bigger.

Add heated floors. Getting out of the shower is never fun when the temperature drops. You can make your bathroom more comfortable by installing an electric heat pad underneath the bathroom floor. The pad will provide radiant heat that is capable of keeping the entire bathroom warm and comfortable. Radiant heat floors aren't as expensive as you might think and they're a unique touch that will likely impress your potential buyers.

For more information, contact a heating contractor in your area. They can look at your bathroom floors and show you how electric floor heat could work for you. To learn more, contact a company like Feldman Brothers Electrical Supply Co.


20 April 2015

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