3 Reasons A Commercial Generator Is A Valuable Component Of Your Retail Business


In a retail setting, a power outage can pretty much cripple your ability to operate as usual. You will be left shuffling your customers through a darkened store to get them outside and a lot of sales will be lost. This is why so many stores seek a professional who can install a commercial-sized generator for "just-in-case" emergencies. You may already know the basics of why a generator would be important, but here are three more reasons why a generator will be one of the most valuable pieces of equipment that you have when the power does go out.

Keep Your Cash Registers Protected

Modern cash registers in a retail business are typically electric powered, which is a fact you likely know. However, these electric-powered cash registers also usually have electric-powered locks. In the event of a power outage, you could see cash registers full of money that will not lock as they should. On the other hand, you could see problems when the power returns because the lack of current causes issues with the electronic locks. With a generator, you will get a steady supply of power to the cash registers to ensure there is never a compromise in their security.

Keep Your Store Security System Going

One of the best opportunities for a thief is a sudden power outage. Not only will the store be darker than usual, but most security systems will stop working as well. This means that the cameras that you have for surveillance will stop rolling and the alarms on the doors will not sound off if there is a theft. By making sure you have a generator to power your security system, you will not have to be concerned that your store is left exposed and vulnerable during a loss of power.

Keep Power to Your Intercom and Speaker System

In a large store, communication during a power outage is crucial, even if you have a backup generator to provide some lighting. In many cases, a power outage is caused by inclement weather and you have to be able to let customers and employees know what to do in order to remain safe.  If you don't have any power to your intercom or speaker system, it can be quite difficult to let everyone know what to do in an emergency situation.

If you are the owner of a retail business, it is a good idea to install a generator system right from the beginning of your business. Be sure to talk to a professional generator service to determine what points of your store will be most benefited by a generator during a power outage. One company that offers this service is Kevin's Electrical Service LLC.


17 April 2015

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