2 Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Electrical Panel


As one of the most important features of your home's entire electrical system, the electrical panel, also known as the circuit breaker, is responsible for dividing and breaking down all the electrical power your home uses into smaller circuits. When the breaker fails at this process, the system is unable to properly deliver the electrical currents throughout your home that provide your power. In most cases, there are a number of signs that there is an issue with your circuit breaker long before it fails. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the signs so that you can upgrade your breaker before it fails completely.

Recurring Fuse Issues

If you find yourself having to frequently replace fuses on your circuit breaker, chances are, the circuit breaker is to blame. The role of the circuit breaker is to prevent a short and prevent an overload of power being delivered through a current. Unfortunately, when an overload does occur, the power absorbed through the breaker is also transmitted to the fuse, causing it to burn or melt, ultimately causing it to fail.

This issue doesn't just cause problems with your home's power, it is also a safety concern. When the fuses are overloaded, there is always the risk that they could catch fire. In the event of a fire, should the cause be attributed to a faulty fuse, the insurance company could deny your claim.

Power Strips and Extension Cords

Power strips and extension cords are meant to be aids, not a primary source of power. If you can look around your home and see an excessive number of power strips or extension cords because many of your outlets aren't working properly, this is a real sign that it's time to upgrade your home's circuit breaker.

Using these devices excessively isn't just an inconvenience, it's also a safety hazard. Using too many extension cords can overload the circuit and increase the risk of a fire. Additionally, should your reason for using these devices be that your existing outlets are two-prong and you need three-prong outlets, this is also a sign you need to upgrade.

When it comes to electrical issues, make certain you are relying on the expertise of a trained professional. Your home's electrical system isn't the place to experiment with a do-it-yourself project. An electrician won't just upgrade your circuit breaker for you, they will also ensure it is configured appropriately to meet the electrical needs of your home.


17 April 2015

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