Learn What Tests Will Be Done To Determine What Is Wrong With Your Electric Motor


If you have noticed that your electric engine is not running as well as it did when you first bought it, you may need to have some testing done to determine if anything is wrong with it. You can have a technician from an electric engine repair shop look at it to run the necessary tests to access the problem. Learn what types of tests the technician may perform to determine what is wrong with your engine.

Vibration Test

The vibration test determines how much the engine is vibrating. If the engine is vibrating too much, it could cause parts to move and hit one another, which will cause the engine to not work efficiently. The test is done with specialized equipment the technician is trained to know how to use.

Load Test

The technician will test to see what size load the engine can handle. Engines are designed to have a certain amount of power pass through them. If the engine is not able to handle the load it is designed to bear, there may be an issue that will need to be repaired to restore the engine to the most useable state possible.

Balance Test

The technician will test to make sure that the engine is balanced. If the engine is not balanced, it could rock and not work properly. The parts that are working in the engine may have a hard time working well too. The technician will troubleshoot to assess the best way to balance the engine so that it no longer wobbles.

Harmonic Analysis

The parts in the engine need to work well together in order for everything to operate properly. The technician will test to see if the parts are working together properly or if some parts need to be lubed or replaced. This analysis takes a very short period of time to do, but is the test that often makes a huge difference in how efficiently your engine works. If all of the parts are not working well together, the engine cannot work well.

Having tests run on your electric engine will ensure that you are able to get the proper repairs done in a very short period of time. Once you know what is wrong with the engine, the company can do the work for you and you can rest assured that they are not taking advantage of you because you will be able to see the results from all of the testing that they did. Talk with a shop like Hackworth Electric Motors Inc for any additional help or information. 


2 April 2015

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